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I want to design a Quiz for assessment purposes.

A quiz to be used for assessment should be designed to allow a single attempt with feedback to be viewed after students attempt the quiz.

To create a quiz for assessment:

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Go to the week/topic you wish to add the quiz to.
  3. Click Add an activity or resource and select quiz.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Enter a Name. This will be the identifying name of the link within your week/topic.
  6. Enter an Introduction describing the quiz and outlining any important instructions.
  7. Tick Enable for both Open the quiz and Close the quiz if you wish to have the quiz available to students between specific dates. Otherwise, leave this section greyed out.
  8. Tick Enable for Time limit and allocate the time allowed for the quiz. Consider allowing an extra 5-10 minutes for page loading.
  9. Select Open attempts are submitted automatically for When time expires.
  10. Tick Enable for Submission grace period if required and allocate the extra time allowed for the quiz.
  11. Assign Grade category from the available options.
  12. Assign the number of Attempts allowed for the quiz from the available options. For a summative quiz, you should allow only one attempt.
  13. If you select one attempt, you will not need to assign a Grading method. This section will be greyed out.
  14. Select Shuffled randomly for Question order to enable questions to appear in a different order in each attempt.
  15. Assign the number of questions to appear per page for New page. We strongly recommend one question per page, unless you have a few questions that relate to a provided stimulus material.
  16. Select Yes for Shuffle within questions to enable parts within a question (e.g. multiple choice options) to shuffle in each attempt. If you enable shuffle, you might need to change answers such as ‘all of the above’ to ‘all options’.
  17. Select Deferred feedback for How questions behave. This is the best option for an assessment where you don't want students to see any feedback during the quiz.
  18. Under the Review options section, tick the options as shown in the image to allow students to see their grade immediately after they have completed the quiz. Un-tick Marks under the Immediately after the attempt column, to allow students to see their grade only after the quiz has closed.
  19. Consider accessibility options for after the quiz has closed and set accordingly:
    • Do you want students to be able to see their attempt?
    • Do you want students to see whether they had answered correctly?
    • Do you want to give specific feedback for each question?
    • Do you want to give general feedback?
    • Do you want to display the correct answer?
    • Do you want to give overall feedback?
  20. Click Save and display to move to the next step of adding questions.

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