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How do I submit a Turnitin assignment?

Turnitin is an online text-matching software that compares electronically submitted papers to databases of academic publications as well as other papers that have previously been submitted.Follow the steps below to make a submission into Turnitin through the unit:

  1. Click on the assignment link.
  2. An overview of instructions for the Turnitin assignment will be provided. Click on My Submissions.
  3. Enter a Submission Title. Include your student number here unless otherwise specified by your lecturer.
  4. Assign a Part if the assignment has multiple parts.
  5. Click Browse and select your file to upload.
  6. Tick the checkbox to agree to the conditions of submission.
  7. Click Add submission.
  8. The screen will now show that your assignment has been successfully submitted. You will also receive a confirmation email sent to your email address.

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