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How do I live stream lectures through Echo360?

How do I live stream lectures through Echo360?

Live streaming is possible from any venue listed as ‘SC’ or ‘SCV’ on this page;


Live streaming can be enabled for units and events by request at


Live streaming gives students the flexibility to remotely the lecture live in addition to watching the recording anytime afterward. To maximise student engagement, you can combine live streaming with the use of interactive presentations and the student Q&A feature. Students can now watch and participate in real-time, adding value to the live streamed lecture.


Delivering a live stream is similar to making an automatic lecture recording, they automatically commence 3 minutes past the scheduled starting hour and stop 3 minutes to the concluding hour. In the theatre or classroom, simply use the AV system to project your presentation and use any of the available microphones to amplify and live stream your voice. Use the AV touchpanel to check the state ‘recording mute’ function and check that it not inadvertently left on (the button flashes if switched on) during your lecture as this will also mute the live stream content. AVTS x7571, can assist with the setup and use of the venue AV facilities at anytime your require assistance during the lecture.


If you choose to run any online interactivity such as quizzing and polls along with live streaming, it’s important be aware that there is a broadcast delay for student viewing remotely. The delay could mean that you inadvertently close or stop an interactive poll or quiz before a remote student has had the chance to complete it, so always add approximately 30 second of extra time before ending and closing a quiz to give live stream viewers enough time to participate and submit their answers.