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Can Echo360 Active Learning Platform interactive presentations be used in a tutorial?

Can Echo360 Active Learning Platform interactive presentations be used in a tutorial?


Pedagogical considerations


You may want to think about how ALP can support or hinder the interactivity in a tutorial. A few starting points here:


  • Clicking through slides requires someone to stand at the lectern, so consider how and when you move through the classroom while you present the slides. Teachers tend to walk around more in tutorials.
  • Consider how you use groups and set up groupwork. For example, you could set up group discussions and then get groups to submit their answers to a short answer activity on ALP, or assign different tasks to different groups throughout the session, e.g. group A submits an answer, group B responds to questions in the Q&A forum.
  • Directing your students in a small tutorial to look at their computer screens may create an artificial and unnecessary barrier to interact with each other. As a teacher, this may mean that students will not look at you while you speak and therefore not give you non-verbal cues (via body language) to confirm if they are following and understanding what you are saying. Consider how comfortable you are with this situation and if using ALP makes sense in any given context.


Technical considerations

Staff assigned to an iLearn unit as tutors do not automatically have access to create and deliver interactive presentations, however this can be manually enabled for any tutors that wish to use the platform to deliver interactive presentations. Access the platform via the block link as either a convenor or lecturer and view the settings > instructors page. Type in the email address of any tutor you wish to give full access to. If an error is displayed, first delete the tutor's email address from the settings > students page then try add the tutor as an instructor again. For more information see;


It is important to note that a unit is provided with a single Active Learning Platform ‘space’ each session within which all recordings and interactive presentations will appear listed together. To distinguish between presentations intended for different tutorial groups or lecture streams you can provide descriptive titles and provide specific times and dates so that students know precisely which presentation to access during their lecture or tutorial.