How do I add a blog post?

  1. Click on the OU blog link next to the OU blog icon on the unit homepage or in the Activities block.
  2. Click on the New blog post button.
  3. Enter a Title and the body of your post in Message.
  4. Enter Tags separated by commas. Tags are optional but useful for organising posts - by clicking on a tag, available in a side block, you see all posts that have been classified with that tag. You may wish to suggest some common tags for collaborative blogs.
  5. Assign Allow comments to yes or no.
  6. Who can read this? - visible if the blog offers the option to share beyond the unit. You can make your post visible to anyone in iLearn (‘logged into the system’) or, if allowed the option, to anyone in the world, i.e. make it public.
  7. Click Add blog post.

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