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ID #1009

How can I change the file upload limit for the Assignment activity?

The default file upload limit for an Assignment activity is usually set at 10MB. If you are working with files with a large amount of content such as digital images and video, you may need to increase the file upload limit.

  1. Click on the relevant Assignment link within a week/topic or on the Assignments link in the Activities block (this will take you to the list of all assignments).
  2. Go to the Cog wheel and select Edit settings.
  3. Scroll down to Maximum submission size and make your selection from the available options.
  4. Click Save and return to unit.

You may find that a maximum file size has been set for the entire iLearn unit. This can be amended by going to the unit home page, click on the Cog wheel, and selecting Edit settings. Assign Maxiimum upload size from the available options. Scroll down the page and click Save changes.

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