Which timetabled lectures will Echo360 automatically record?

Which timetabled lectures will Echo360 automatically record?

Timetabled lectures that match these conditions are setup to automatically record;

  1. The lecture is in a venue that supports Echo360 automated capture.
  2. The lecture is described as ‘lecture’, ‘seminar’ or ‘lectorial’ in the timetable system. Classes described as ‘tutorial’ or ‘workshop’ etc. are not automatically recorded.
  3. Only first lecture delivered for each topic and not repeat lectures of the same topic.

Recordings automaticallycommence 3 minutes past the scheduled starting hour and stop recording 3 minutes to the concluding hour.


Lectures matching the above conditions do not require any prior booking or request.


Request changes and additional recordings at https://onehelp.mq.edu.au or http://ofm.mq.edu.au/recordings

In the majority of venues, the projected screen is captured along with the presenter’s voice. Some venues are only capable of producing audio recordings. Other venues contain an installed video camera, however video cameras are not automatically recorded unless by request at https://onehelp.mq.edu.au See https://staff.mq.edu.au/support/technology/audiovisual/rooms-and-facilities-guide for a list of venues and their automated recording capabilities.


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